Century old natural vision relaxing strategy

Published: 19th July 2009
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Is it actually possible to improve your eyesight naturally without going thru surgery, or without using glasses or contact lenses? The concept you can enhance your eyesight naturally thru relaxation and by performing eye exercises originated from Dr. William Horatio Bates ( December twenty-three, 1860 - July ten, 1931 ).

He was an ophthalmologist that derived a technique that claims to help improve eyesight naturally called the Bates methodology. The root of the Bates methodology for improving visual acuity naturally is to boost vision by undoing the strains and stress that is's constantly placed on our eyes.

In spite of this, there're still many who've tried the Bates technique at improving their visual acuity, and some claim that they have been in a position to improve their vision naturally.

The Bates technique approach to improve visual acuity naturally is to fix vision problems that are based primarily on mental principles. Bates claims that he has healed patients, and assisted his patients improve vision naturally. In 1920, he released his work "Perfect Sight Without Glasses".

The Bates methodology concentrates on complete relaxation of the mind and body to reduce and eliminate the strains and stress placed on your eyes and eye muscles. One of the main eye exercises utilised by the Bates methodology is the palming exercise. Palming entails utterly relaxing your body and covering your eyes with your palms to absolutely block out all lights.

Another key focus of the Bates method to enhance visual acuity naturally is visualisation - by relaxing and visualizing pleasant internal images, Bates thought that relaxing was the key to the clearness of the visualized image, as well as actual sight.

Bates claimed that with eyes closed, the darker the black was in your mind, and the smaller the area of black which was visualized, the more relaxed you became. There also are countless eye exercises designed to help you relax your eyes and eye muscles such as eye relaxation exercises, eye rotating exercises, and eye strengthening exercises just to name a few.

All these eye exercises are meant to help you relax your eyes and eye muscles, reducing the strain and stress placed on your eyes.

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